Mobilesex cams free This chart will help figure out those codes on the Mica molded type capacitors. However they rarely go bad. I dont think I ever found a bad one myself. Keep in mind this translates them to pf or MMF. Dont worry they both mean the same thing. This example below would translate to 47pf or 47MMF.In the picture below you will see two of the most common types of mark ups. In the top picture the 1st digit can also be silver or black. This is done so you know the proper orientation before you decipher the value. In the lower picture the two NA positions can be blank no color added. Plastic or bakelite round capacitors bumble bee By this time you should realize the color code is pretty universal. Decoding may change from device to device. These read a lot like resistors.Keep in mind like before this decodes to MMF and is equal to PF. I find most of these in televisions and amplifier

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Free video chats to horny girls australian women xxxBumblebee test Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign inShare Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in22 Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in7 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on 23 Feb 2015Original vintage Bumble Bee capacitors VS replica Category

Tinder for fighting Sprague Bumblebee ChartSprague Bumblebee Capacitor Color Code ChartVoltage Rating in 100s of Volts Tolerance Outside Foil Lead 1st Figure 2nd Figure Color Black Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue of Zeros 2nd Figure Capacitor Value in MMFD 1st Figure Violet Grey White Significant Figure 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 00 000 0000 00000 000000 30 40 5 of Zeros Tolerance 20Example 0.0047 mF 1600V DC 201 Yellow 4 2 Violet 7 4700 MMFD 3 Red 00 4 Black 20 5 Brown 1 1600 V 6 Blue 6Top Nonfiction on Scribd

Meet up and fuck without sign up Sprague Bumblebee and Black Beauty capacitors There was a time when some capacitors were marked with NEMA colors just like resisters were. Bumblebee capacitors a slang name never actually used by Sprague gained fame because of their use in Gibson electric guitars in the 1950s 19561960. They still have legendary status among some guitar players who will pay waaay too much for them like around 100 a pair sometimes. They are considered to have awesome tone. Right. The first Bumblebees were paperinoil PIO but after a few years they may have changed them to polyester or paperpolyester. Bumblebee fans seem to think that all bees were PIO. The oil was probably a special hydrocarbon oil and not a vegetable oil as was often used in the past or a PCB. Sprague used PCBs but that came later I think. The bodies were Bakelite. Bumblebees were eventually replaced by Black Beautys with their parameters printed on the body. The guitar people like the PIO version but the paperoil capacitors do not have the best long term stability. Besides using newoldstock and pulls they also use rebuilt old capacitors new

Tinder lincoln ne Capacitor Color Code Calculatorcalculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the value of color coded poly capacitors. They come in various shapes and types. Most capacitors actually have the numeric values stamped on them however some are color coded as resistors are. You may wish to check out our Resistor Color Code Table And Calculator. The capacitors first and second bands are the significant number bands the third is the multiplier followed by the percentage tolerance band and the voltage band. Select the band values from the individual fields. After clicking on Calculate the calculator will use the selected condit

Amirian cam sex Sprague Bumble Bee ValuesNeed to verify the values of these bumble bee capacitors in my Les Paul Amp. The larger two on the right have a green line that is hard to see after the orange. So the larger two on the right have a Yellow violet orange green and yellow.I come up with .00047 micro farrads 400 volts 5The smaller ones on the left have Yellow violet red white and yellow.I come up with .0047 micro farrads 400 volts 10Am I correct

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Srilanka online sex chat Capacitor Code CalculatorThese calculators can convert the 3digit valuecodes and alphabetical tolerance codes found on some capacitors into the correspondingvalue and viceversa. Both parts of each calculator work separately you do not have toenter both value code and tolerance code. Details of capacitor markings can be found inthe technical data section.Convert Codes to ValuesAll the online calculators and more in a standalone applicationConverts Resistor Inductor colour codes calculates LED series resistors capacitance units series parallel resistors capacitors frequency reactance moreCalculation of nearest preferre

10660 bumble bee lane leesburg Bumble bee capacitors Posted Apr Fri 29 2005 610 pmMemberPosts 333Location Davenport IowaHow do you read the value on Bumble bee capacitors PThanksPJerryPBRPosted Apr Fri 29 2005 613 pmSilent KeyPosts 34326Location Sandpoint IDAHO 83864Posted Apr Fri 29 2005 615 pmModeratorPosts 36650Location Livermore CAHi JerryP Use the resistor color code. Value will be in pico farad. A common color is yellow violet orange or 47000. To convert to microfarad move the decimal 6 places to the left .047 mf.P There will also be another band or two used for voltage rating in hundreds of volts. Yellow is 400 volts blue 600. Above

Kira Kosarin meet and fucksite indiaAvailable in 5 percent only.The remaining decades repeat this one exactly. The list continues 100 110 120 130 etc.Why these funny numbers These values are set up so the tolerances just about touch or overlap slightly. For example a 10 ohm 5 may fall anywhere between 9.5 and 10.5 ohms. The 11 ohm 5 may fall anywhere from 10.45 to 11.55. There wouldnt be any point in making an 11 ohm 10 resistor. The 10 ohm 10 may be 9 to 11 the 11 ohm 10 may be 9.9 to 12.1 ohms and the 12 ohm may be 10.8 to 13.2 ohms. If you put in a 10 ohm 10 you might actually get an 11 ohm. If you put in an 11 ohm 10 you might get 10 9.9 12 or 12.1 ohms. So by putting in an eleven ohm you might be getting the same results as a 10 ohm or 12 ohm. Thats why you cant get an 11 ohm 10 resistor. Four Band Codes.Some 1 and 2 percent resistors use four bands to convey the value. The colors to numbers are the same but the code is ABC with D zeros after it. In scientific notation it is ABC x 10D A B C times ten to the D. I confess I dont know how they handle values less then 100 ohms.Numerical codingSome resistors use a numerical code. Its the same as the color code except the code is given only in numbers. For example a resistor marked 503 is not a 5 hundred